ML assignment 3 (question 3 and 4)

Good evening,
this is vimal george from DS291122A ,I’m struggling to solve the
ML assignment question 3 and question 4,
Not able to solve the problem using countvectorizer as explained in the live sessions,the assignment deadline is on today ,
kindly give me a solution, i’m attaching the screen shots where i was stuck,
Screenshot 2023-05-21 012525


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Actually struggling in the feature enoding part, can’t convert it into numericals usig countvector,

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The first step is to import necessary libraries

Second step is loading the data

Third step is splitting the data into x and y
While splitting make sure to select correct independent variable

Fourth step feature scaling / feature encoding

fifth step is to implement a model

sixth step is to check its accuracy

@vimalgeorge1999 no issue the assignment date will be increased, just contact / tag your TA .
Try solving this yourself