Live Quiz having the issues with the given options

Hi Team, after facing multiple time the same issue, I’m writing this, can you please correct this, there is no multiple selection option @aysha.p @drishtinayak2828-TA


yess @navedameer123 dear a good resume always a sorted one and of one page only. There may be chances of having 2 page also but mostly the standard ones are of one page there is no need of multiple choice its fine .

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@aysha.p @drishtinayak2828-TA

Contrary to what has been marked right in the quiz, a resume is, in fact, 1-2 pages long. But not longer than that. It mostly depends on the kind of candidate. Freshers often do two pages, one with their details and the second with their cover letter. Experienced candidates do one to two pages of resume based on their experience and the companies they’ve worked for. Sometimes it’s not possible to accommodate it all in a single page. I’m speaking from the experience of being an ex-HR.

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@aysha.p please look into this concern.

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Hello @navedameer123 @nehasagar1999

A standard one-page resume is considered ideal for a fresher who is in the early stage of their career. If the content does not fit in a single page, then it can extend up to 2 pages.
However, I understand your point. I will make necessary changes to the options that are given.

Thanks for bringing this to my notice

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