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"Hello Team Edyoda! :wave:

I hope youโ€™re all doing well. I have a quick question regarding the current placements and visiting companies for our Data Science Specialisation class. Can you please provide some information about the recent placements and the companies that are scheduled to visit our campus?

Your assistance in this matter would be highly appreciated. Looking forward to your response.

Thank you! :blush::pray:"

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Hi @mayurgadhave01 , for now you can go thorugh this. More information will be revealed once your Placement Button is enabled. That will happen after you have cleared the Communication Bootcamp and a technical certification.

Here are some of the Active companies hiring for Data scientist roles.

Girl Power talk - 4 LPA

GI Bots - 3 8 LPA

Dinosys Infotech -6-15 LPA

Q-Dat IT Solutions - 2.4 - 4 LPA

Tech Bridge - 3 5 LPA

Retech Solutions - 3 LPA

Geeky Ants - 6-8LPA

Deeptek - 6-8 LPA

I hope this helps!

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Hi @titiksha.chakraborty,

Thank you for providing the information about the companies hiring for Data Scientist roles. Itโ€™s good to have an initial idea of the opportunities available.
It would be great help, if you provide placement statistics for Data Scientist roles in the last two months. This information will greatly help me assess the current placement scenario.
Once again, thank you for your help, and I look forward to receiving the placement statistics.


Hi @mayurgadhave01 ,

Sharing few of the recently placed candidates:

Sujan Achari - Provakil - Python Developer
Sathwik CM - Eldaas - Data Engineer
Santhosh Shetty - Web Cargo - Data Associate
Yusuf Nadim - Celebal Technologies - Data Scientist
Ajeet Gupta - Provakil - Python developer
Aniket Palaskar - Provakil - Python Developer
Tapas Panigrahi - Proteium - Data Scientist

For more details request you to join the chat session between 6.30 - 7.30 PM with placement team.

Thanks @titiksha.chakraborty

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