JS questions Apr3

  1. How are object properties assigned?
  2. What is the ‘Strict Mode in JavaScript, and how can it be enabled?
  3. What does the following statement declare?
    var Array = [[[]]];
    1. Object.assign()
  1. indicate code should be executed in strict mode
  2. It declares a three dimensional array
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  1. USING object initializers.
  2. IN STRICT MODE we cannot use undeclared variable.We can enable it by using use strict infront of code.
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  1. Object.assign()
  2. enabled by “use strict” …it is to indicate that the code should be executed in strict mode
  3. it a value of a three-dimensional empty array
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1.the object properties uses GET on the source and SET on the target
2. The strict mode can be enabled by using use strict in front of the code where strict mode is required

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