Interview Trivia 2!

:loudspeaker: Hi everyone, we are back with some more interesting polls on interviews and professional etiquettes! :point_down: :smile:

1. When you’re writing a professional mail you -
a. make sure your mail has a proper subject, body, signature and relevant attachments
b. make sure you have given all relevant information concisely
c. use regional words and lengthy paragraphs

  • only a
  • only b
  • only c
  • a and b
  • only a and c

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2. When you are applying for jobs on online portals, you -

  • Read the Job Description
  • Skip the Job Description
  • Read and understand all the details of the Job Description

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3. On your devices, you have your Resume/CV in -

  • PDF
  • DOC
  • Both
  • Neither

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4. When you get an Offer Letter you -

  • Sign it
  • Read it and then sign it
  • Don’t sign it and wait for other offer letters

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5. The HR asks you to come for an interview and schedules one, you -

  • Don’t show up
  • Inform that you can’t show up
  • Show up on time

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6. You will only apply for a job outside of state if you’re -

  • Ready to make the move
  • You won’t move, maybe they can offer WFH?
  • You have the means, faculties and ability to make the move confidently

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7. Netowrking is a great way of meeting important people. You make use of the following apps for increasing your professional network -

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

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8. In any official mail, the tone of your writing should be -

  • Polite and Respectful
  • Demanding and Abrasive
  • Harsh and Lengthy

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9. You write what you want to say in an official mail in the -

  • body of the mail
  • subject of the mail

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10. During interviews, you are -

  • Intentionally Ambitious
  • Baselessly Confident
  • Humbly Modest

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enjoyed it…good questions…awesome topic


I enjoyed answering these questions, they were thoughtful and engaging.


Hi, @titiksha.chakraborty

This topic is so good and these questions are really good to answer.

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Questions are very good and relevant.

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Hi everyone! :raised_hands:

Let’s see how you should react to these situations - :smile:

  1. Email as a means of communication is for formal use. Therefore, it is very important that you use the correct format, proper information and relevant details when writing. Proper subject, body, signature, attachments and concise information is of utmost importance. :postbox:

  2. Applying for jobs should not be a quick process. If it is, then you’re going wrong somewhere. Devote a dedicated time in your day to look for jobs that match your skillset and carefully go through the Job Description. :mag_right:

  3. You should always have your resumes/CVs or cover letters in PDF and DOC format since different jobs require different formats. :page_facing_up:

  4. When it comes to any important documents, always read them thoroughly so that you don’t miss out on essential details. :page_with_curl:

  5. Punctuality is the greatest skill you can ever have! :watch:

  6. Relocation is a big decision, and shouldn’t be made in a hurry. When applying for jobs which would require you to relocate, carefully consider your situation and make an informed choice! :airplane:

  7. LinkedIn is the way to go! :people_hugging:

  8. Being polite is always the best course of action, especially in formal settings! :people_holding_hands:

  9. This was a tricky question, and both answers are correct. However, the length is where the actual matter lies! Subject should always be an title to the content. It should not be more than 10-15 words at max and never only a word. The body of the mail is where you elaborate. :email:

  10. Another trick question - Being modest about your skills and intentionally ambitious about the value you can offer are required. You just need to find the right balance between the two! :grin: