Interview Tips!

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1. When the interviewer asks you to share your past experience working on a project, you will -

  • Talk about a project where you had real inputs
  • About a school project you worked on
  • A project that you were passionate about

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2. During the interviews, you should be careful about -

  • Not giving up too easily
  • Fumbling too much
  • Being argumentative

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3. Even before you appear for interviews, one thing that you should do is -

  • Make sure that you understand the job role
  • Make sure you have researched about the company/organisation
  • Applying for a lot of jobs

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4. As a working professional, it is important that you have -

  • Deep thinking skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Active listening skills

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5. If you are a fresher and appearing for your first interview, you should -

  • Emphasise that you’re a fresher and willing to learn
  • Keep proper documents and be creative with your answers

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6. To crack technical interviews, you need to have -

  • Practice well, have good subject matter knowledge
  • Hone your aptitude skills
  • Both

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7. During interviews, the following things matter the most -

  • Personality, Expertise and Command over Communication
  • A good resume
  • A good conversation

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8. To create a strong impression during the interview process, along with having some knowledge about the jobe role depending on your experience level, you also need -

  • Good sense of your values and belief
  • Being honest about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Being a good conversationalist

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9. If you are applying for a job role which necessitates you working with others you should -

  • Make sure you emphasise your team working skills
  • Make sure you emphasise your individual skills

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10. When an interviewer aks you to list your skills, you should -

  • List them along with some good examples where you used them
  • Tell them what skills you have without explaining further
  • Tell them the skills you don’t have

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