Important property in css

What is the use of !important?

This property in CSS is used to give more importance compare to normal property. The !important means ‘this is important’ .
If we apply this property to the text, then the priority of that text is higher than other priorities. It is to be recommended not to use this property into your program until it is highly required. It is because the more use of this property will cause a lot of unexpected behavior.
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Hi rrnayak2609,

Well explained the use cases of !important in CSS, and also I have to add something with this , important means that only the !important property value is to be applied to an element and all other declarations on the element are to be ignored. In other words, an important rule can be used to override other styling rules in CSS. Although using !important is considered as a bad practice. However, there are specific use cases in which using the !important property is ideal. One such use case is defining utility classes, like the button class.