Importance of Live server in Visual Studio to save effort and time

strong textLive Server - Launch a development local server with live related feature for static and dynamic web pages.
So, we will use " Live server" for creating "Static"and also “Dynamic” Web Pages.

Go to " Extensions tab" in the Visual studio. It will be on the left hand side of screen on main page of Visual Studio. Then after going there, search on the search tab by typing as " Live server" and then you will see " Live server" tool available there. Just click on " Install" and after you install, you are good to go and type your HTML code on Visual studio.

After you download Live server and write any code in Visual studio , you will just need to go to " Go Live" option or button at the bottom left of the screen and just click on it. This will take you to web page on the web browser and run the code which you just typed on the visual studio. Here you are not required to save the code after writing it in visual studio and then go to web browser and refresh the page. " You will just have to write the code and then click on " Go Live " button and it will run the Html program automatically on the web browser.


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