Import statement

Recursive function
Mam why I m getting less marks in assignment plzz tell my mistakes


Please share your batch number and assignment number.

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If you are getting less marks the reason is mentioned in the comments with your report only.

Recursive functions are functions that calls itself. It is always made up of 2 portions, the base case and the recursive case. The base case is the condition to stop the recursion. The recursive case is the part where the function calls on itself.


The Python import statement imports code from one module into another program.
You can import all the code from a module by specifying the import keyword followed by the module you want to import. import statements appear at the top of a Python file, beneath any comments that may exist.

There are generally three groups:

  • standard library imports (Python’s built-in modules)
  • related third party imports (modules that are installed and do not belong to the current application)
  • local application imports (modules that belong to the current application)

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