HTML-CSS Final Project marks is deducted for late submission

hello mam, @drishtinayak2828-TA
My HTML-CSS Final Project is graded and 10 marks is deducted for late submission , mam you told us that you are not deduct the marks for late submission for this assignment please change it mam.


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Hi i didn’t deduct that marks that deducted by another TA i will let her know that !!

@sivakumarslks Please tell your Batch number.

HI mam,


mam and also I requested the ankansha mam TA mam to extended due date for DSA- Assignment-1: Linear Data Structures because i don’t know how to submit the link in Jupyter notebook
so I subitted the project late please don’t deduct the late submission marks for it.

@sivakumarslks You can submit using code pen link

@sivakumarslks Your html CSS final project regraded! you can check it now.

Actually I am TA of your batch feel free to ask any kind of doubts any time!