HTML Basic Questions

Dear Students,
Practice Questions for the today’s topic of HTML are: -
1. What are semantic tags and why do we use them?
2. How can you change the list style type?
3.Name some inline and block elements?

Shivam Sen (TA)

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  1. semantic tags are use to provide additional meaning and structure to the content within webpage,example <header>,<section>,<main>etc.
  1. we can do that either by direct inline styling or internal and external css, for internal we use*> upper alpha,lower alpha,small roman,upper roman and none* and for inline style these values changed as A,a,i,I and none
    for internal Css:
    list-style-type: upper alpha;
    for inline Css:
    <ol type="a"></ol>

  2. inline elements are those who doesn’t take full width and can be placed side by side example- *<span>,<img>,<select>,<textarea>*, whereas block elements take a full 100% width example- <div>,<p>,<h1>,<section>

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