How to submit assignments in edyoda

how to submit the assignment in the edyoda platform , it is asking to submit URL link 1 , URL link 2 like this ??

@paulabhishek117 You can submit your assignments link in any one of the URL link field present on the portal

if I have to submit the assignment link then where I should do the assignments??

@paulabhishek117 Steps to submit the Assignments :

  1. Write your program on your local IDE such as Visual Studio Code.
  2. Double check the scoring criteria of each assignment.
  3. Test it and be sure that it is working.
  4. If possible take a screenshot of the running code on your machine
  5. Upload the Code and the screenshots on your google drive in a folder.
  6. Make sure that you share the folder and the sheets on your google drive
    with “View Only” permission for Everyone.
  7. Copy the links to the sheet/folder and paste them into the links field during
    assignment submission.