Group presentation assignment

@aysha.p @shivrajrtandale98 i have submitted my group presentation link in communication bootcamp from support team but my marks are not updated.As i have sumbitted from support team please inform if there are any mistakes in submission


@swethapriya2611 Don’t worry… your marks will be updated soon.

Hello mam
My name Tejas Chaudhari, the group presentation is grp activity and our grp 1 member shared the video then also I give a zero marks and failed plzzz chcek and give mi marks plzz mam help me

still not updated its still showing failed shivraj

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@swethapriya2611 Please reach out to Dharshini Or Akankshya on community they will solve your querry.

Ok…@swethapriya2611 I will reach out to them… don’t worry

@shivrajrtandale98 akankshya is telling that batch isclosed

@swethapriya2611 your has been forwarded. I will inform you whenever i receive update about your querry.