Group presentation assessment

What is the topic for group presentation, can anyone please tell me.
I dont know about it.

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Hi, dear sure i will make you understand this thing !!
In English, group presentations mean that you and your classmates are working together to create a presentation on a specific topic. In this case, your topic is movies and fictional characters. Each member of the group is responsible for researching and preparing information on a particular movie or fictional character.

The presentation consists of two main parts:

  1. Presentation Video: Each student will take their respective given topic and create a video where they present the information they have gathered. This video will showcase their speaking and presentation skills as they explain the key points and details about their assigned movie or fictional character.
  2. script File: This stands for “written part” or “script file.” In this part of the presentation, each student will provide a written version of what they are going to say in their video presentation. It serves as a guide or script to ensure that everyone is well-prepared and covers all the essential aspects of their topic.

Since there are 7 to 8 students in a group, each person will focus on a different movie or fictional character. When all the presentations are ready, each member will share their video, and collectively, you will cover various aspects of movies and fictional characters. This collaborative approach allows each student to specialize in their area of expertise while contributing to the overall understanding of the subject for the entire group.

Remember to communicate and coordinate effectively with your group members to ensure a cohesive and well-organized presentation. Good luck with your project!
Hope you understand this !!

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