Group Discussion Activity for today and tomorrow (20/04/23 and 21/04/23)

Hello everyone,

As you are all put into different groups now, you will be discussing about your final group assignment with the members in your team.

Things you need to do

Step 1: Get in touch with your team members as soon as you can so that you can fix the name of your movie and start working on it. You can form a group chat outside of your classroom to discuss about your fil analysis assignment.

Step 2: Once you form a group chat with your respective team members, select a group representative for your group and decide the name of your movie.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The movie that you are choosing must be an English movie. It cannot be from any other language. It should not be a super-hero movie or dubbed movie.

Step 3: I will be reposting the structure of Film Analysis under this thread. Kindly read through it to get a clear idea on what to do for the assignment

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