Getting error mam

class Point:

def __init__(self):
    self.x = x
    self.y = y
    self.z = z

def sqSum(self):
    sqSum = (x*x)+(y*y)+(z*z)

a = Point()


What error are you getting?

like name y is not defined


Paste the error screenshot.

class SquareSumCalculator:
def init(self):
self.total_sum = 0
def add_square(self, num):
square = num ** 2
self.total_sum += square
def get_total(self):
return self.total_sum
calculator = SquareSumCalculator()
numbers_input = input("Enter a list of numbers = “)
numbers = [int(num.strip()) for num in numbers_input.split(‘,’)]
for number in numbers:
total_sum_of_squares = calculator.get_total()
print(f"Sum of squares: {total_sum_of_squares}”)