Get to know about the js assigment-2 input

@shivendra1751 for this assignment should i give input in run time are it ok to give in code it self

Hey @g.s.dadanoor for this assignment you can provide sample input in your code itself.

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ok thankyou sir [ assignment link]
(JavaScript Basics - Assignment 2)

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Happy Learning !!:wink:

this is regarding the assignment valuation
i have successfully hosted the javascript-assignment-2 and uploaded the link in assignment submission field but still i i got the no grad instead i got the message “hey kindly submit your code link” can you help meout

@g.s.dadanoor kindly submit your source code link, like codepen or github,
The link which you have given have some error in console panel, so just share the source code so that I can evaluate your code.

This is “MOHAMAD NOOR” this is regarding the assignment source code link in the above replay it is mentioned that the source code link should be given so this time i have made available the source code and the hosted page
this is a source code link…

this is a hosted page link…

i hope this time my assignment will get evaluated


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Great @g.s.dadanoor , your assignment has been evaluated.