Garde goes decrease

hello mam I am Vaishali tiwari mam my all overgrade first it was 69.9 but now its show only 48% why it go decrease . Can you check onces please @aysha.p


Do not worry …it will get upgraded soon.

hello mam I am Gangula Ganesh mam my overall grade first it was 68.56 but now its show only 50.9 why it go decrease . Can you check onces please.@aysha.p

Hi @ganesh.sahithi2811 don’t worry about the overall perfomance marks as it fluctuates with the start and end of quizzes and assignments. Given that one assignment evaluation is pending, the total percentage rises and falls depending on that.

Once your Communication Bootcamp ends and you’ve submitted all quizzes and assignments and they have been evaluated, the grades that you’re left with is the actual marks.

Evaluation will happen within 15 days of submission - so please wait until all evaluation is completed.

All the best!

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