FSR170823 :- HTML Questions

Q.s 1 : - What is html used for ?
Q.s 2 :- Explain the role of html css and javascript in building websites
Q.s 3 :- Explain Html Tags with example

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create web pages and structure of the web

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ques. 1 html used for creating web page

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1 – html is a structure of web design

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1.creating the webpage displayed on the world wide web

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1.html stands for hyper text markup language
2.html is structure of page or content on a page, it contains image link button heading
css- the style applied to the page content like color of button size of button
js- the behaviour or action of the page content
3 html tags are syntax like heading

button paragraph

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1.html is used to design a website

2.html is used to design and css is used to add colours and effect and javascript is used to workablity of that design of website

3.many tags like ,


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  1. HTML is used to create the skeleton of the webpage in Frontend.
  2. HTML is the Skeleton of the webpage, CSS give decoration and look and JavaScript makes its more responsive.
  3. Tag are syntax of HTML. Example Community , this will create a title to our web page.


    used to create a paragraph.
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1>HTML describes the structure of a Web page.
2> HTML creates structure, CSS styles the markup, and JavaScript creates interactivity.
3>HTML Tags are like keywords which defines how web browser will format and display the content.

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1.structure web oage and content
2.hml for buliding for element and css for styling and javascripot to interction with html and css
3.p- for paragraph tag
i- used for itallic
button- for button
u-for undeline
ui - to un list
li - list

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1.html used for build web pages and create structure of web
2.css for styling and JavaScript for feature

3.shivam saini web

what is html used for

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2.html is webpage creating
css is webpage style font background colour using
javascript is function the website

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  1. tags creates a web develop
    tages are ,, …ete
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  1. HTML is used to create the structure of the website and it is the fundamental building block of web and it provides the layout using HTML Elements

  2. HTML - To create the structure (layout)
    CSS - To add styling to the structure (design)
    javascript - to add functionality and to create user interaction using programming langauge called javascript

  3. HTML Tags
    HTML Tag are the markup which is used to code which type of content and the entity
    it has a opening and closing tag called html tags and in centre it has the content which is to be displayed and forms an HTML Element


This is a paragraph

Iam the bold tag

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Sol1. HTML is used for creating structure of Web Pages
Sol2. HTML is Markup language used for creating structure of any web page. CSS is used for color and styling and layout of Websites to make it responsive for all type of media screens & JavaScript is used for adding functionality in a webpage like toggling a navbar
Sol3. Each website is made up of HTML Tags. Tags consists of two parts - Opening and closing part.
Some commonly used tags are
<p> <h> <b>``<i>for para, Heading, italic & Bold

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  1. HTML used to structure a web page.
  2. Role of HTML : textual content
    Role of CSS : Designing and Visual content
    Role of Javascript : functionisation of content
  3. Heading


    Bold letters Italic Style

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1.html is used for creating the structure of web page

2.HTML - design ,content and layout
CSS - styling the web page like coloring ,font style
JAVA SCRIPT - for animating the web page

  1. HTML tags are

    paragraph tag

    bold tag italic button tag

    biggest heading tag

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1.html is used for creating static web pages
2.html creates structure, css provides styles, javascript creates interactivity

tag for writing paragraph,

for headings, , these tags are formatting tags

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  1. html used to structure a web page and its content.
  2. html, css, js use to make frontend of a web page.
  3. An html tag is a piece of markup language used to indicate the beginning and end of an html element in an html document .
    tag like , , .
    click here
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Ans for Q1) HTML or Hyper text markup language is used for making webpages.
Ans for Q2) HTML,CSS and JAVASCRIPT is used for creating dynamic webpages with better and user friendly interface
Ans for Q3) Title of the webpage


italics button(submit, login..etc)
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