FSR130623 and FSR300623 Important JavaScript Interview Questions

Some of the important javascript interview Questions

  1. Difference between let var and const
  2. Hoisting
  3. Call stack
  4. Scope chain and lexical environment
  5. Closure
  6. Event loop
  7. Promises, async , await
  8. What is a Callback function
  9. What is Asynchronous code / non-blocking code and synchronous code/blocking code
  10. Array Methods - Map , Reduce , Filter , Slice , Splice
  11. HTTP requests - GET, POST , PUT and DELETE
  12. Difference between primitive and non-primitive data types
  13. JavaScript - Execution Context
  14. Difference between “==” and “===” Operators
  15. Explain call(), apply() and bind() Methods
  16. Difference between null and undefined in javascript
  17. Explain error handling in javascript
  18. What are break and continue statements?

Some of the questions may look new like let and const, these are in ES6 which will be covered in first two sessions of the react module.