Forms HTML Practice

  1. Choose the correct option.
    A. HTML form elements can be of different types.
    B. HTML form elements are defined inside tag.
    C. HTML form elements are used for taking user input.
    D. All of these.

  2. In HTML form the <input type="text"> is used for
    A. One-line text
    B. Block of text
    C. One paragraph
    D. None of the above

  3. For creating a drop-down list in HTML forms which element is suitable?
    A. <list>
    B. <select>
    C. <dropdown>
    D. All of above

  4. What is the default type of ‘type’ attribute of <input> element?
    A. Text
    B. Password
    C. Numerals
    D. Special Characters

  5. Cols attribute in forms text area specifies the ___
    A. size of a text field
    B. size of a text area
    C. visible width of a text area
    D. visible number of lines in a text area

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