Hi sir /mam I already upload the food assignment but I opened the link there is no images shown then i have to upload it again but there is no edit option shown.

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@kornananavya123 ,Share me your batch code and full name here, and we will enable the resubmission option for you.

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Full Name-Kornana Navya

Batch Name-FSR310323 Full stack mern developer program

@kornananavya123 ,

Your submission was taken down; please submit your assignment in the portal right away.

I have submitted the food assignment and i also shared the same code in community as well,there i got good remark but where as in assignment it shows me i got failed. please kindly look into this issue and recheck my assignment. FSR130623 @TA

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@rachanapriyamartha ,

I will check this out and update you.

Hi @rachanapriyamartha ,

You have submitted a link that will be accessible only on your local device. Please Re-submit the live link or GitHub or Google Drive link. I have removed your submission from the portal.

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@athiramelekappil Thank you