Facing Problem While Downloading Certificate

Dear Mam @titiksha.chakraborty @dharshinim.ug20.cs ,

Today, I got notified that I have passed in the Web Dev Fundamental Certification Exam with 66% marks but before I thought that the passing marks is 280 out of 400. In the download certificate option, it is not allowing me to download the certificate and in the reattempt section of that section it is written that I have already passed in the exam, no need to reattampt. So, kindly give a solution to that and clear my confusion.

I am attaching the screenshots with this mail.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajdeep Chakraborty
Batch: FSR230523
Email: rajdeepchakraborty59@gmail.com

Hi @rajdeepchakraborty59 , this issue is now resolved. You can view the certificate.

Hello @titiksha.chakraborty mam,

Just checked the site, not resolved still now…

@rajdeepchakraborty59 , hold on, I will get this clarified by the team and update soon.

Hi @rajdeepchakraborty59 , I just had a word with the Certification Team. This was a glitch that they had resolved currently.

You have not passed in Round 1 but have passed in Round. The total pass marks is 280 but you have scored 264.

Thus, you need to reattempt the Certification exam as certificate will not be generated. You can reattempt by free if you have the Master Badge. Or you can pay the exam fee. The details are available on Classroom.

Okay Mam @titiksha.chakraborty,
Thank you…