Extensive eda for tata retailer

Insights and Recommendations: Analysis of TATA Retailer Dataset

During the analysis of the TATA Retailer dataset, several key insights have been uncovered, shedding light on significant trends and opportunities. These insights will be presented to the CEO and CMO, providing actionable recommendations for strategic decision-making.

1. Top Performing Categories: The analysis has revealed the product categories that are driving the highest revenue. By identifying these top-performing categories, we can suggest allocating more resources and marketing efforts to capitalize on their success. This will likely contribute to overall revenue growth.

2. Geographic Insights: Our investigation into regional performance has uncovered specific areas where revenue is exceptionally strong. By highlighting these geographic insights, we can target marketing campaigns and tailor strategies to further enhance revenue generation in these regions.

3. Top Country & Revenue Analysis: Through an in-depth examination of sales data, we have determined the best-selling product in the top 10 countries by revenue. This analysis will assist in refining product offerings, inventory management, and targeted marketing approaches for specific countries.

4. Best Year Sale: By evaluating sales data over multiple years, we have identified the best year for sales performance. Understanding which year yielded the highest revenue can guide future planning, budget allocation, and forecasting.

5. Best Time & Day For Sale: Our analysis has pinpointed the optimal time and day for sales. Leveraging this information can help optimize promotional activities, discounts, and marketing efforts, ensuring maximum customer engagement during peak periods.

6. Best Selling Hour Country Wise: Examining sales on a country-by-country basis has allowed us to determine the best-selling hour for each of the top 10 growing revenue countries. This data can inform targeted advertising and sales strategies tailored to specific regions.

7. Best Day For Sale Country Wise: Similarly, our analysis has identified the most lucrative day for sales in each of the top revenue countries. Leveraging this information can lead to impactful promotional events and campaigns that align with customer preferences.

In conclusion, the insights gained from the TATA Retailer dataset present valuable opportunities for revenue enhancement and strategic growth. By capitalizing on the identified trends and implementing the recommended strategies, the company can position itself for continued success and increased market share.

Link :- [https://github.com/sriv-ansh/TATA-RETAILER-EDA/blob/main/Final%20Submission.pdf](https://Click Here)