Exam submission

@shivrajrtandale98 can u plz let me upload drive folder ,its was few secs late due to some technical issues

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What was the issue

Hello… @bhavani.gangisheety Assignment due date is 19 july you can resubmit it.

Hi Ayesha ,I was few seconds late for the submission of the drive link due fluctuating internet in our area due to heavy rain ,please accept the submission which sent through support team @ayeshabanu1002

its about communication boot camp assignment @shivrajrtandale98

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@bhavani.gangisheety Ok… Don’t worry It will be submitted.

@shivrajrtandale98 how can I known for what reasons I was not qualified for Communication bootcamp certification

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can I have your inputs @shivrajrtandale98 @ayeshabanu1002

Hello… @bhavani.gangisheety please check your portal information will be available there or you can reach out to Dharshini & Akanksha.