Error in Quiz 3 OOPS overloading

only c option is correct other are false or error full please check and it and suggest us

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Yes option 3 will be going to correct as I know please contact your TA or support for correction.

Hi @mvaishali729 , can you please help the student here.


Here option 2 and 3 both are correct.
Rest option is wrong

what there is no “less()” magic method in python


There is le() magic method in python.

but above you say that 2 and 3 are correct

@mohitkrishnia26 ohh sorry I haven’t seen the function name.

Than only 3rd option is correct

each time we discuss about how’s it correct but it never corrected
is this is called support team i don’t think so


I already cleared that only 3rd option is correct.
It will get updated in the portal.

I hope you got your answer which one is correct.