DSA-BASICS FSR300623 and FSR130623

Hi everyone,

Due to some personal reasons, the instructor - Anudeep, is unavailable to take the two remaining sessions for your batches.

However, rest assured - these sessions will be covered in the first session of the next module - React on 25th September.

Please check the changes made in the curriculums for both DSA-Basics and React.

Ma’am, what about the syllabus for certification exams? Will the topics be excluded?

Hi everyone! We have arranged for a final session for DSA-Basics on Saturday (23rd September) from 7 PM.

This session will be conducted by a teaching assistant where you will get an idea about Time Complexity and you will get to clear your doubts regarding the module.

Please join for this session.

DSA-Bascis will be included. You have already covered most of the topics in the sessions by the instructor. The last session - Time Complexity, will be picked up by @shivendra1751 who will be teaching the topic to you and clearing up your doubts.

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