DS31032023 - Pandas Practice Assignments - 1

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Assignment no. 1 Food Data Excercise File
Assignment no. 2 - Occupation Data Excercise


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I’ve attached the links of answers for the assignment questions.Please let me know if there is any correction.
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FoodData- FoodDataExcercises (1).ipynb - Google Drive
OccupationData- OccupationDataExcercises (1).ipynb - Google Drive

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Hello sir, please find the Food Data Exercise in below link

Find the Occupation Data Exercise in below link

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Hello sir, please check the assignment link given here below.

Assignment 1 - https://github.com/Prajakta0325/Community_Assignment/blob/main/FoodDataExcercises.ipynb

Assignment 2- https://github.com/Prajakta0325/Community_Assignment/blob/main/OccupationDataExcercises.ipynb


Assignment no. 1 [Food Data Excercise File ] Solution

Assignment no. 2 - [Occupation Data Excercise] Solution