DS160123 Today's Summary OOPS

Date- 01/03/23
1)First of all we have done the revision of yesterday’s topics (OOPS- Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation)
2)Then we started with Abstraction. Abstraction in python is defined as hiding the implementation of logic from the user and using a particular application. And the most important key feature of Object-Oriented Programming. It hides the irrelevant data specified in the project.
3)We have done problems also on Abstraction.
4)Types of Inheritance (Single Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance, Hierarchical Inheritance, Hybrid Inheritance)
5)At the end we had solved some practice problems also like,
Q-1) Create a Bus child class that inherits from the Vehicle class. The default fare charge of any vehicle is seating capacity * 100 . If Vehicle is Bus instance, we need to add an extra 10% on full fare as a maintenance charge. So total fare for bus instance will become the final amount = total fare + 10% of the total fare.
Q-2) Count number of digits in a number in python using loop.
Q-3) Write a program to use for loop to print the following reverse number pattern.

Very Interesting Session :grinning:



Thank you for your valuable contribution.

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