DS160123 - Python certification Exam

I have cleared the certification exam and I have some marks issue so I need a report of my wrong answers. As I have discussed with EdYoda support team they told to post in community so I’ve come here for response team to connect with me.

Thank You.

Hi @ritheshchandra1707 , Support Team has already spoken with you - your result has been declared, and they suggested you to download your report and check. You will get what you’re looking for. We do not provide separate answers for each question in Certification.

I hope this answers your query.

Hi, I’m not able to see the wrong answers in my report. Please send me my report through mail.

Thank You

Hi @ritheshchandra1707 , as already informed to you, we can’t share the wrong answers separately. Whatever information you can see when you download your result is what information you can get.

Actually for the last time I got the report with answers so i have asked and we should also know na where we have done the mistake.

I can understand your point, but as per the updated cadence, no answers are shared seperately as I have been informed by the team.

Please focus on your upcoming Certification exams as those are also important. All the very best!