DS160123 How to upload assignment?

Date:- 4/2/2023
hello everyone,
can anyone guide that how to submit assignment? it is just first time submission so facing difficulty perhaps i was made an account on github also, but still didnt understand how to upload assignment file from VS code?
And one major problem is that how to remember code? and what idea will use while any code is creating regarding any topic? meanwhile i am practicing also but still not understand many things. so can anyone guide me as per my grasping ability?


Once your done with the coding then save the file in vs code then create a repository on github and upload the file . Once the file is uploaded then copy the link and paste it on the respective assignment. While creating a repository make it public so TA can access it.


I can help you with thought process behind writing the code if you want :slightly_smiling_face:


Write your coding solution on any platform such as VS Code, Jupyter Notebook etc. Save that file on your system. Now open your GitHub Account and then the repository in which you want to upload your assignment Choose the option to ‘Add file’ and then upload files option. Choose the file to upload. Once the upload gets completed click on the commit changes Button. After that copy the url of the file you uploaded on github. Share the link for your respective assignment.


OPEN GITHUB IN BROWSING WEBSITE SUCH AS CROME, GOOGLE . BECUASE you can’t find every option in desktop github.

  • Go to your profile (right side top)

  • click on your repository

  • click on new

  • give a name to repository

  • leave it as public, and select create repository

  • click on uploading or existing file

  • choose files

  • You’ll be directed to files and select your files

  • select commit changes

  • files will be uploaded

  • to above left , you’ll find your repository name

  • copy your file link

  • go assignment copy in any one of given url blanks


Very Good :+1: keep it up

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thank you very much to help me out from the doubt.


Keep learning :fire:

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