Doubt regarding quiz in python

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Ribin Pary

How many Object will be formed in the memory after running this line of Python?

x = [(1,2,3),{1,1,1,2},“This Question is Easy Please don’t skip it”,3.14]

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Hello…! @paryribi It will form 4 Objects in memory. They are as follows
Set={1,1,1,2},This is set object two unique elements: 1 and 2. Sets only store unique elements, so duplicates are eliminated.
string=“This Question is Easy Please don’t skip it”

There is no option with answer 4 it shows answer 8 please correct it and give the marks


The answer will be 8 only

@zk6290254938 can you please explain how


Option d is correct.

The reason there are 4 option in python for string concatenation:-

    • Operator
  1. Join() method
  2. % method
  3. Format() function