Doubt regarding html and css from certification exam

Can anyone please answer this question?

The answer would be: 16px

rem stands for “root em”. That means dimensions given in rem are relative to root element of webpage that is our html. By default, the font-size of the root element i.e. html is set to 16px by most browsers. So 1 rem equals 1*16 =16px.

If we set the font-size of root element to say 20px
html { font-size: 20px; }
Then the font-size of paragraph would be: 20*1=20px

The font-size won’t be affected by the parent element, it is only affected by the root element (html). Here the parent is <div> but the font-size specified for div won’t affect the font-size of <p>.

I hope it helps !

Thankyou sir

what is the default style for the ordered list?
Decimal or upper alpha

@ananthkumar9293 Try it out in codepen.

Create a new ordered list and see what do you get in result. Always try and experiment things so that you don’t just get to know things but you actually get to understand them. Practice the rem units as well !

yeah ok sir thankyou

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i havn’t get my round2 result that should be declared on 25th september.