Difference between static and dynamic website

Static website

  1. Constant
  2. Easy to build
  3. Fast access
  4. Week security
  5. Build using HTML and CSS(cascading style sheet)
  6. Ex. Wikipedia, School and College Website.

Dynamic website#

  1. Not constant
  2. Comparatively to hard
  3. Slow access
  4. High Security
  5. Build on client, sever and database
  6. Ex. Twitter,Facebook,YouTube.

Your description of static and dynamic websites is largely correct. Here are some additional details:

Static website: A static website consists of a series of HTML pages that are pre-built and served as they are to the user’s browser. The content of a static website is fixed, and it doesn’t change unless the website owner manually edits the HTML code. Static websites are easy to build and maintain, but they offer limited interactivity and are less flexible than dynamic websites. Since they don’t require a server-side processing or database interaction, they are generally fast to access. However, they may have weaker security since they don’t have the additional security measures that dynamic websites can have.

Dynamic website: A dynamic website uses server-side processing and database interaction to generate content on-the-fly, based on user input or other variables. This means that the content of a dynamic website can change frequently and automatically, without manual intervention. Dynamic websites are more complex to build than static websites and may require programming knowledge in addition to HTML and CSS. They can be slower to access than static websites, especially if the server or database is slow or overloaded. However, they generally offer stronger security, since they can include measures such as input validation and user authentication. Examples of dynamic websites include social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, online marketplaces like Amazon, and video sharing sites like YouTube.


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