Data Wrangling Notes

Please share the notes for Data Wrangling last week modules(3rd April to 7th April).


Your batch?

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Am from DS291122A Batch.


Will provide the notes


I do need the GitHub links of (Data Analysis & Fundamentals Notes) and (Data Wrangling notes) of DS291122A Batch…Please share as well…

Also Kindly include me, if there is any group of communication for this batch…

Hi @govila.satyam , can you please help out your student here?

cc. @zk6290254938 and @guptadivya0312

Let me find out the notes link.
Will share with you all asap


Do you have the link which satyam provided for Data wrangling notes.

Please share it with me.

DS280522/DataWrangling ipynb at main · edyoda/DS280522 (



Thank you so much :blush: