Data Science- Apr 28th batch-

Please share the whatsapp group link.

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Contact your batchmates @manikanta

I know nobody there.
due to some works, I didn’t attended for any classes till now.
Now, I am completing my pending classes here. and in some classes, Shikaa maam shared some links and documents in comment section, which are not available now.(i can access the recorded classes, but not the comments and chats). so, I kept this in community channel.
Hoping somebody will share those all and to add me in whatsapp group.

if you need my number: 8712150896


Join the live session once ask your batchmate there on charge about the WhatsApp group link.

In the live session itself, ask the instructor about the links and documents that from where you can get that.
You instructor will resolve your query and moreover you can ask your batch TA for the documents and links

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