Data analysis and Fundamentals lecture issue

Dear Edyoda team,
I am from DS290423 batch and our batch data analysis and fundamentals part is started from 24/7/2023.
But I am not able to understand the topic, teaching of instructor. As not only me but my whole batch is suffer from this so I raised query here. So, please provide us an alternative solution. Hope this will solve immediately.
Thank You.


Hii child you can raise this query to support team as well they will surely find you an alternative!!

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Hello Team,
I have the same concern as I am not able to understand the teaching of the instructor. Please resolve this, so we can learn effectively.
Thank You


To whom Mam we can’t get it. Please explain this mam.


Yes same issue . Unable to understand the teaching please resolve the issue


Hi you all have to raise query to support that option present in your portal also!!
Screenshot 2023-07-01 145113
like this see this image and contact them through your portal only!!


Hi everyone,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We will conduct an internal review of the sessions taken so far and reach out to the instructor with the feedback.

Till that time, we request you to have some patience and meanwhile, you can also reach out to the instructor and tell him the problems you’re facing during the live sessions so that he knows how to help you all better.