Css - questions

  1. what things you learned in possitioning in css?
  2. What all different properties we use in box modelling?
  3. What is the priority of inline styling,?
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3)highest priority

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ans1. relative absolute fixed, sticky
ans 2. margin, Border, padding, content.
ans 3. highest priority

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  1. Static Positioning, Relative Positioning, Absolute Positioning, Fixed Positioning and Sticky Positioning
  2. Content, border, margin and padding
  3. Highest priority
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1.fixed , absolute , relative
2. border margin content padding
3. highest priority

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  1. absolute,fixed,static,relative
    2.padding,border,content margin
    3.highest priority
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Position: In positioning we learned about the positions (Absolute, relative, positioning of image, sticky, fixed, z-index)
Box model: Margin, Padding, border.
Inline Style: Inline styling will take first priory compare to the internal and External styling.

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  1. static, relative, fixed, absolute, sticky
  2. borders, margin, padding, and the content itself.
  3. Inline CSS has the highest priority
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  1. Absolute, relative, Sticky ,
  2. Border, Padding, Margin, contant.
  3. High Priority
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ans1: stati,relative,absolutefixed,sticky
ans2: margin,border,padding
ans3: highest priority

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  1. Position absolute , position relative - move from default position ,position fixed -for fixing the position position static - default value, position sticky
  2. content, padding, border , margin
  3. highest priority
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