Create New Conditional Column

Assignment-1: Create New Conditional Column


if ship_mode = “Same Day” then 20% or 0.2

else if ship_mode = “First Class” then 10% or 0.1

else if ship_mode = “Standard Class” then 5% or 0.5

else 0

total cost = (sales - profit ) * ( 1 + surcharge )

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sir i did’t understand this assignment where to write and how to write what i do sir please explain cleary what i was do today is last day to submit assignment so please help me sir


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In excel you have to create a new column named total cost . You can submit the excel sheet @ganesh.sahithi2811

i have no idea this… please sir any sample please clearly explain

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like this you have to submit the assignment @ganesh.sahithi2811

but sir where i can get data &
where i can get sales,profit,costprice values sir

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Please ask your instructor or batchmates , they will provide you

thanku sir
i completed assignment

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cool @ganesh.sahithi2811