Console statement not printing

in my vs code, console.log not working

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Please paste the screenshot.

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In Visual Studio Code, the output of console.log statements is displayed in the output panel rather than the console. You can open the output panel by clicking on “View” in the top menu and selecting “Output” or by using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U . Then, choose “JavaScript” from the dropdown menu in the output panel.

If you’re experiencing issues with console.log not working in Visual Studio Code, there could be a few possible causes. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Check if the JavaScript file is saved:
    Make sure you have saved the JavaScript file with the console.log statements before running it.
  2. Verify that you’re running the correct file:
    Ensure that you are executing the correct JavaScript file that contains the console.log statements. You can do this by checking the file name in the VS Code terminal or by explicitly specifying the file to run.
  3. Confirm that the JavaScript extension is installed:
    Ensure that you have the necessary JavaScript extension installed in Visual Studio Code. You can search for “JavaScript” in the Extensions sidebar and install the official extension by Microsoft.
  4. Restart Visual Studio Code:
    Sometimes, restarting VS Code can resolve temporary issues. Close the editor and relaunch it to see if console.log starts working again.
  5. Check for syntax errors:
    Make sure there are no syntax errors in your JavaScript code that could be causing the console.log statements to be ignored. Check the console in VS Code for any error messages or warnings.
  6. Test with a simple console.log statement:
    Try running a simple console.log statement in a new, empty JavaScript file to see if it works. This will help determine if the issue is specific to your code or a broader problem with VS Code.
  7. Review your launch configuration:
    If you are using a launch configuration in VS Code to run your JavaScript code, double-check the configuration settings to ensure they are correctly set up to execute the file with the console.log statements.