Communication skills

My communication skills very poor, when ever I understand something understand English language communicate in my classroom but don’t fluent .
How to improve communication skills and How to crack a job?
I am belong poor family so I need a job how to get a job?


Bro there are a few things which you should do on a regular basis to improve your communication skills in english.

  1. Watch movies, cartoons, web series whatever content you like in english.
  2. Read english newspapers, Novels etc
  3. Try to chat in english language only on social media platforms.
    4)Make a habit to write daily diary in english.

hope this works for you.


@mbhagaban1999 We are in this communication module to get better at English. First of all, set small goals (It could be something as simple as learning a new word everyday

Try to immerse yourself in English content. It could be movies, books, music or anything that interests you.
This is the best way to become familiar with common words and sentences in English.


Best way to improve your communication skills is to learn new words or sentence everyday and using them
communicating with your friends in english will make you more fluent and confident

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@ravikr124129 , thank you for helping out a friend here! @mbhagaban1999, you have one of the best instructors guiding you thorugh our communication module. Don’t worry, a little bit of patience, a lot of trying and hardwork will enable you to grow your skills. It will not happen overnight, but the more time you spend on learning, doing some additional hw on your grammar knowledge and practicing speaking in English (even if it take a lot of tries), you will surely improve. You opening up to get the help you need here is the first step towards that! All the very best! :smiley: