Sir, in this question:

I am getting this error
EOFError: EOF when reading a line

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Hi ok dear wait your TA will definetely solve this @mohammedaliparkar342 kindly look into this student concern!!

@charul.sharma246 You can try with this code!

# Reading input for the number of Fibonacci numbers required
n = int(input())

fib_sequence = [0, 1]  # Initialize the Fibonacci sequence
for i in range(2, n):
    fib_sequence.append(fib_sequence[i - 1] + fib_sequence[i - 2])  # Generating Fibonacci numbers

# Computing cubes of the Fibonacci numbers
cubes = [x**3 for x in fib_sequence]

# Printing the result as a list enclosed in square brackets

or else share your code i will find out error and resolve with your code itself.!

Have a Happy Learning!
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Dharshini M

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