Character Clash - Open to All (BOTH DS & FSR)

:face_with_peeking_eye:We all have the favourite character we like - be it from a childhood cartoon, beloved movie or the series that’s a guilty-pleasure! :face_with_peeking_eye:

Now you can let us know which character lives in your head rent-free and why! :eyes:

:point_right:Participate in the Character Clash!!! Going live today from 6 PM!!! :point_left:

:blush:Take this time off and create something that interests you and share with the world!!! :grin:



:point_right:Hi everyone!!! :wave:

We have come up with a fun activity to do over this weekend for you all - all of us have that favourite movie we love to watch and that character that we love to death! :star_struck:

Let’s take a look at your favourite characters! Participate in the Character Clash :crossed_flags:

Create a short video presentation (upto 5 minutes and not more than that) on your favourite Fictional Character and do a quick analysis on them!

:point_right:You are free to come up with any theme, look at any aspect of the character. It can be a presentation (ppt), or a video analysis with a voice over or a video essay. :point_left:

Submit your project in this google drive - :white_check_mark: CHARACTER CLASH - SUBMISSIONS – Google Drive

  1. Name the submission like this - CHARACTER NAME-YOUR NAME- BATCH CODE.
  2. Remember to share us access! If we can’t open your file or project, your submission will be disqualified. :white_check_mark:

:white_check_mark: After you submit, come to this thread and share an image of the character you’ve chosen and write -

Your name and batch code with and the word - ‘Done’.
→ e.g. - Titiksha, DF230523 , DONE.

:confetti_ball:The winner gets to enjoy a year long free subscription of 100+ hours of course - content on EdYoda Website! :fireworks:

We are all looking forward to the submissions!!! :blush: :grin: :star_struck:


Hi Everyone!

The deadline of this challenge is being extended to tomorrow (23rd May) 11:30 PM!

Make sure your submissions are uploaded to this drive link and that you leave a comment to this thread stating the same!

We are looking forward to your submissions!!!

Can u pls extend the deadline Mam/sir

Hi @mudhirajbalakrishna9, the deadline is extended till tomorrow 11:30 PM.^^

Character Analysis:TOM and JERRY
TOM and JERRY-Akanksha-FSR


Hi @anudeepanudeep81 , thank you so much for participating in the Character Clash event. :sparkles: :sparkles:

We have gone thorugh your submission and it was a great effort!

However, since we didn’t reecive any other submissions, we are unabale to declare a winner.

We wanted to acknowledge your contribution - You singlehandedly represented FSR310323 out of all the batches :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you in the upcoming weekend activity here! :raised_hands:

cc. @athiramelekappil @aysha.p


Congratulations @anudeepanudeep81

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Good effort :partying_face: @anudeepanudeep81

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