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:rotating_light: Please note these to-do things for Web-Dev Fundamentals, React or NEM Certifications!!! :rotating_light:

1. INTERNET CONNECTION - Always make sure your internet is stable before taking the exam.

2. PLAN - Always plan your days ahead. As you get the information about upcoming certifications early on, reschedule certifications when needed.

3. WRITING CODES - Certification exams will not be similar to writing codes on VS CODE or GitHub. The Mettl Platform is different and you should not write code in your local systems and upload it on Mettl. You need to write the codes on Mettl itslef so that all test cases pass properly. For that, practice writing codes and submitting them on Hackerank.

4. SYLLABUS - Certification Exams are designed to be challenging since these are qualifying exams and won’t be the same as assignments you usually submit. Please be up-to-date with the syllabus for the respective certifications -

:white_check_mark: WDF Certificate - HTML-CSS, JavaScript and DSA-Basics
:white_check_mark: React Certificate - React
:white_check_mark: NEM Certificate - MongoDB and NodeJS

5. DO NOT PANIC - If something goes wrong while taking your certification exam, don’t panic. Simply write a mail to Support explaining your situation and wait. It will take Support 24 hours to respond to you. But they will surely do and give you a resolution.

6. QUERIES - Information about certificates are available in the Certificate Tab. If you have queries about any topic or module, make sure you reach out to your instructor in the sessions and get it cleared up. TAs have no involvement with Certifications.

!!!ALL THE BEST!!! :grin: :wave: :rocket:

Hi all! Here are some resources for your certifications. Check this category for more resources!

  1. WDF - Solve Tutorials | HackerRank

  2. React - HackerRank
    GitHub - hackerrank-test/hackerrank-react-test: Hackerrank React Test - Sorting Articles, Slideshow App, Catalog Viewer

  3. NEM - HackerRank
    GitHub - krupalimakadiya/Hackerrank-Nodejs-basic-solutions: Hackerrank node js basic certificate solution
    MongoDB Exercises, Practice, Solution - w3resource

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HI all,

!!! REMEMBER !!! Before your Certification Exam, keep the time zone on your pc or laptop to ASIA-KOLKATA UTC 5:30. Make sure you are in the correct time zone.

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