Certification exam

today i given 1st round of python certification exam, in coding round my codes are passing compile and test but not passed testcases, after submitting exam i am also not getting my solutions where i wrong, after raising support ticket, support members are not responding. if this happened again in coding round then how i clear my 2nd Round, required reply asap @dsedyoda @Jishnav @divya_ta_ds @vinu_ta_ds


For test cases…it will not show you where your code is wrong…
If your test cases is not passing it means…you code is not flexible for all situation.

You need to think on your own in which way you can implement that.
Support people can’t help you in that.

It is same kind of thing you practice on hackerrank.
Has hacherrank show you any error for the rest cases which not passed by your code

For coding you need to practice more.

I’d like to know the answer at least. I also need the MCQ model answer they gave us during our last exam, although they only provide the overall summary of our exam at present. Because of the model answer, I want to know the test cases where I missed,

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Hey @ssw9111996 , you can contact support they will help you with this

All ready raised the number of request for this many time to support i received below update,

As confirmed by the team, your issue has been resolved. PFB the response.

We are generating your report for round 1, please check your classroom portal & download it.

I am closing your ticket. In case you still have queries, please confirm by replying back to this email.

Please feel frthisto reach out in case of further queries or questions.

Happy Learning!

All ready raised the number of request
After receiving update i checked my portal their they are only showing overall summary,
Now, what should I do?


That’s the platform…test cases input output cannot be seen by anyone there.

Have you download your report from the portal?