Certification exam not submitted

When submitting solution links it can’t submitted, and prompts page not found i think it is technical issue at edyoda portal or something else… I tried continuously but finally the time up! I built all code and written mail to support but the time now is approx 1am, i written mails to support two times and messaged in teams also…
What should I do now? The struggle from 26 to till now was wasted?
Iam fully disappointed with this situation, how to tackle this will edyoda accepts my query and will it allows me to submit again

This certification is very important for me … Actually I am watching for this from the batch starts iam very very disappointed… full of tension about edyoda will allow to submit or not …
I have secured good marks in first round also

Please any one say to edyoda to help me for this

You can check my passion about coding in this way:

1). Iam very active in community also,
2). Iam getting good marks in all quizzes and assignments also.
3). Secured good marks in first round of certification exam

Atleast by this data show me some kindness on me to submit

Hi @kollidayakar77 , i apologise that you had to face this issue. The Support Team is looking into the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible. I have taken your query to the Support Team as well. I will return to you with an update as soon as I get one.

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Hi @kollidayakar77 , I got an udate from the Support Team that they have reached out to you regarding this issue. Feel free to communicate with them in case of any issues regarding Certification Exams. We can see how passionate you are about coding and we really appreciate that. We are working on making the upcoming experiences greater!

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Okay, just now i submitted my links to support thank you, but this is worst experience i have never faced , kindly manage it casiously , that to doesn’t repeat again so no one can face like this
Anyhow finally submitted
-Thank You

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