Celebal Technologies - Data Scientist Role - Technical Interview ( Round-1)

Hello Learners,
Those who have appeared for the technical interview, please share the questions here.


Hi All,

Sharing the interview questions shared by Yusuf who got placed in Celebal Technologies. PFB the questions for both round 1 & 2. Please do prepare on all these questions to get high chance of clearing the interview rounds.

  1. What is the difference between Lists and Tuple?
  2. Which performs better and why?
  3. What does immutable mean?
  4. What are sets?
  5. Are they ordered or unordered?
  6. Can we created nested sets?
  7. What is meant by unhashable and hashable Data types?
  8. Difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation?
  9. What does the โ€œselfโ€ keyword do?
  10. I was asked to create a class and a sub class inheriting from the parent class.
  11. Create a function to add two numbers if they are odd.
  12. Write a code to extract phone numbers from a list of strings and save it to a text file.
  13. What is try and except?
  14. Give a code example of try-except-else-finally all together.
  15. What is Linear Regression?
  16. What is the sigmoid function?
  17. What does Sigmoid mean?
  18. What is the threshold value for Binary Classification problem in Logistic Regression?
  19. Can LoR work for Multi-Class Classification problem? If yes then how is the threshold value calculated for it?
  20. Tell me about the working of KMeans in detail.
  21. How to find number of clusters in KMeans?
  22. Write a code to create 5 clusters and pick out the cluster mentioned by the interviewer.
  23. What is tfidf vectorizer?
  24. What is bag of words?
  25. What is are steps for preprocessing required for an NLP problem?
  26. What should we do if a class label is far more than the other class label(Imbalanced Data)?
  27. What is SMOTE?
  28. How does SMOTE work?
  29. How do you improve performance of a model?
  30. What should we do to detect outliers and how should we deal with them?
  31. What is Bagging?
  32. Benefits of bagging?
  33. What is Random forest?
  34. Can we say that a particular model is better than the other?
  35. Write a SQL query to replace values in a column by using CASE statement.
  36. Write a SQL query to find employees name starting with โ€˜Aโ€™ and group them by department.
  37. Write a SQL query to count distinct firstnames.