Build a YouTube-inspired gallery in React using static data, displaying video thumbnails, likes, views, channel names, and channel logos for each video

My results are out for the youtube inspired gallery and i have been notified that no link was provided by my side but i provided the link , I don’t know how the link didn’t work here i am providing my link kindly check and regrade my assignment. I am providing my link once again kindly check that.

youtube inspired gallery hosted link

@ayushibatham60 no response till now i didn’t got the resolution for the query please review it

You are from which batch??

i am From FSR130623 batch

Okay but i am not TA for your batch did you know who is TA of your batch?

@titiksha.chakraborty please help to resolve this.

i don’t know who is the TA of our batch ,mam

@sahityasingh1211 , please clarify this.