Background image property

Can anyone tell me the correct answer for this with explanation?

the requirement given is just to take all the space contaion property as well get all the space am I right?
yes but its repeat i agree :innocent:

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The value that sets the background image to take all the space in an element is `cover`.

When you set the `background-size` property to `cover`, the background image will be scaled to cover the entire background area while maintaining its aspect ratio. It may overflow or be cropped in order to fill the entire element.
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yes i agree with you but as per me cover and 100% both should be same.

Correct me if i am wrong.


You are correct that setting the background-size property to cover and using 100% for the background size can often achieve a similar visual effect of the background image taking up all the space in an element.

When you set background-size: cover, the background image is scaled to cover the entire background area, potentially cropping parts of the image to fit. This ensures that the entire background area is filled, regardless of the aspect ratio of the image.

On the other hand, setting background-size: 100% specifies that the background image should be scaled to cover the entire width and height of the background area without cropping. It stretches the image to fit the background area, potentially distorting the aspect ratio if the image and the background area have different proportions.

So while both cover and 100% can make the background image take up all the space, they may result in different visual outcomes. It depends on the specific requirements and desired effect for the background image in your scenario.

I hope you will understand now.