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Hi, I have submitted my assignments on 27-06-2023 on 11.58 pm, but now 10% deducted from my %level. The actual deadline is 11.59. .My batch code is DS060623.So pls check it out and also pls consider my concern as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hi @swarnadhanesh , as I can check, your Python Assignment 1 has been submitted but hasn’t been evaluated yet. Evaluation will happen within 15 days of submission.

Since it hasn’t been evaluated yet, and you’ve submitted before the deadline, there wouldn’t be any late deduction.

PFB the screenshhot -

Ok, thank you for your consideration. Actually, I have a problem with my grade. Before my assignment submission, the % level was around 48%, but it is showing that 33.85. This is what I want to get the clarification. Pls check it out. Once again, thank you.

Thanks and Regrads,
Swarna Kumari.

@swarnadhanesh , the percentage will fluctuate with the submissions and beginning of new modules. Please focus on the marks you’re getting for your submissions. The percentage will stabilize once a module ends and all of your submissions have been evaluated.

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Happy to hear from you! Thank you.